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Feb 6, 2010

ESD Alcohol Bottles (IPA dispensing bottle)

ESD Alcohol Bottles (IPA dispensing bottle)

Static dissipative dispensers come with a stainless steel pump with air tight check valve or Purity pump that protects against cross contamination by keeping fluid from returning to dispenser. Features an average surface resistivity of 10E9 to 10E10 ohms. and can dissipate a ±5000V charge in less that 2 seconds at 40% relative humidity.

These ESD safe polyethylene solvent dispensers are available in four standard sizes. These dispensers have neither a stopper nor a cap to remove. Just touch the dispensing dish with a brush cloth or applicator and solvent is brought to the surface instantly as needed. Stainless steel valves seal contents in bottle until used. The fluid pumps into the dish and it does not drip back into the bottle, keeping stored liquids uncontaminated.

Natural HDPE Bottles High density polyethylene suitable for many solvents. Square shape provides stability and saves storage space. Wide opening for easy fill. Translucent allows easy viewing of contents.

Anti-static bottle also with anti-reflux design, suitable for store some solvents, such as alcohol, carbinol. Suitable for medical, industry.

Surface resistivity of 10E7 to 10E9 Ω.
Available in #60 = 6 oz = 180 to 200 mL
Available in pink & white colors

1. Usually yung 180ml (#60) na ESD bottle ang required ng clients at yung color Pink & White ang pinakamabili kaya to yung usually me maraming stock lagi kasi fast moving.

Pls hit the the Older Posts or Next Posts to check the other models

Pls hit the the Older Posts or Next Posts  to check the other models