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Aug 17, 2012

TRACK-100 Surface Resistivity Meter

 TRACK-100 Surface Resistivity Meter         
- Measures Surface and Ground Resistance 
- LED lights RED for Insulative, GREEN for Conductive, YELLOW for Static Dissipative          
- Dimension= 128 x 68 x 25  mm       
- Comes with Ground Lead, Battery and Carry Case                        
 - Calibration Certificate Valid One Year
Test range:103~1212Ω/sq
Accuracy:±5% ,  
Power: 9V battery

LED Indicators
Green light
Static conductive material
Yellow light
Static dissipative material
red light
Insulative material

Accurate and quick test, Low price and good quality, Portable  , Extraordinary.
TRACK-100 is an ultra wide-range, battery operated, portable instrument for measuring Surface Resistivity of virtually any flat surface conforming to ASTM D-257 standard by using recommended parallel bar sensing probe.
In the circuit industry, products such as packaging materials, ESD shielding bags, work bench surfaces, static dissipative table and floor mats, conveyor belts, etc, have resistance values which need to confom to stringent specifications. Moreover, these values are expected to fall with in specified limits.  The Surface Resistivity Meter can play a vital role in monitoring and checking the resistivity characteristic of the above items.   
It also has unique additional feature of surface-to-ground measurement capability wherein the resistivity differential between any surface and any chosen ground can be determined. The surface resistivity is conveniently indicated by a row of LEDs covering a total of 10 decades from 103 to 1012 ohms per square.

Operation:                                                                                                                                                                                             1.Insert the banana plug on the end of the static strap ground cord into the jack located on the front of the wrist strap tester.    
2.The wearer of the anti-static wrist strap then pushes the metal pushbutton on the wrist strap tester.       
3..A properly operating wrist strap will give an "OK" LED indication on the anti-static wrist strap tester.  
If either RED "FAIL LOW" or YELLOW "FAIL HIGH" LED's light, and the audible indicator sounds, then the wrist strap should be discarded and replaced with a new one.

1. Also Called as Surface Resistance Meter, ESD Tester, Resistance meter by some technicians & engineers

Aug 13, 2012

Dial Indicator & Digital Indicator

Digital Indicator

Digital Indicators
Features :
Large and easy-reading LCD.
Zero-setting at any position
Inch/Metric unit conversion at any position.
  Specifications :
  Measuring Range Order No. Resolution Accuracy
  0-12.7mm(0.5")  312-101 0.01mm(.0005") ±0.02mm(.001")

Dial Indicator ( pls see 2nd photo)

Dial Indicators
Features :
The main moving components are made of stainless steel and have been heat treated, which have good performace in anti- rust and wear- resistance.
With lock screw for locking the bezel.
Shock-proof type uses jeweled bearing for good sensitiveness.
Back cover with lug is optional.
  Specifications :
  Measuring Range Order No. Graduation Limit Error
  0-3mm  321-111 0.01mm 0.014mm
  0-10mm  321-112 0.01mm 0.020mm
0-30mm  321-113 0.01mm 0.030mm


Digital Depth Gauges

Vernier Depth Gauges

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Pls see Older Post or Labels