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Jun 21, 2015

EDSYN 951SX-230

EDSYN 951SX-230

EDSYN 951SX Soldering Station
High reliability and cost efficiency make the 951SX Soldering Station EDSYN's most popular soldering station for the assembly line and rework bench.

  • Accurate linear temperature control.
  • Easy to maintain and calibrate.
  • Modular assembly of parts for easy service.
  • Wide variety of Soldering and SMT CROWN Tips available.
  • External calibration helps with ISO9000 compliance.
  • Very cost effective solder station.
  • Burn Proof Soldering Iron Cord.
  • Large detachable water well for sponge.
  • Well insulated Three position head for holding soldering iron.
  • Power switch light and temperature blinking light.
  • A Very Cost Effective Soldering Station for manufacturing or repair
  • 18 Month Warranty.
  • Supplied with LT375 Tip.

EDSYN 951SX-230= 230V, 50-60Hz

Power Requirements EDYSN 951SX = 120V, 60 Hz
Power Rating 15W - 220W
Heater Rating 120V, 95W
Temperature Range 400ºF - 800?205ºC - 427ºC
Temperature Regulation ?ºF/?ºC
Tip-to-Ground Voltage Leakage/Resistance <2mv ohms="" td="">
Overall Dimension 4.1"W x 8.2"H x 10"D           104mm x 208mm x 254mm
Weight 2.5 lbs/1.1kg

1. feedbacks & comments from other websites like Amazon, etc


Do you have to send it somewhere for calibration or do they do that at the factory? Also, what temp do i set it on? 

Answer by Edsyn:
It comes calibrated from the factory but there are external calibration pots so you can calibrate yourself. Instructions are in the manual. Alternatively we can calibrate for you at the factory. There is a temperature rang from 400-850 degrees F approximately which allows you to set the temperature to your needs and specifications. It really depends on a number of factors where you set the temperature for your particular job such as board density, heat sinks, solder type, flux type, solder tip, etc. We would recommend generally using the lowest temperature needed and then working your way up.

In response to your question regarding our 951SX, we would like to state the station is calibrated at the factory at 400°F & 800° F. The manual shows how to calibrate the station and the tools we suggest you use to do so. We also calibrate stations for customers that need traceability to NIST. The temperature you set the station to would depend on whether you are soldering a simple board or a multi- layer board. As a rule of thumb you want the tool to heat the soldering joint to the point the solder will flow on to the two surfaces to be joined without over heating or damaging components.
We hope this answers your question. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to ask further questions

2.  Feedback from clients:

Verified Purchase:

“My old soldering iron's tip was too large to work on the tiny SMD (Surface Mount Device) parts. I asked the foreman at an assembly house that builds 1,000s of SMD electronic card products per month, and he told me his crew really likes the Edsyn 951SX. After using it for over a year, I can see why. The tips are much narrower then my old Weller iron and lets you solder separate .025" centered SMD pins with relative ease. The .050" centered pins are a cinch. The temperature control feature is useful when doing soldering to large and small leads/lands with different solder types, but requires some experimenting to obtain the best result. Edsyn offers a wide selection of interchangeable tips for this model, that change out and heat up in short order.”

Verified Purchase:

“I've had this iron for 7 years now and it has always performed flawlessly. The pencil is well balanced and comfortable. It heats up really quickly as well. This is one of many irons I've owned and is by far my favorite. Would buy again. “

“I have owned and used this iron for 3 years now and I am convinced it is the best iron you can buy. It is well constructed and heats up quickly and reliably. Soldering with the iron is a breeze. I use lead and lead-free solders ranging from .015 to .062 for all applications and I have never had difficulty wetting a joint due to the performance of the iron. Obviously choose a wattage that is appropriate for your application. Edsyn offers a wide range of different tips at all sorts of angles, shapes, and diameters. The tips are indestructible and I still use the same tip that came out of the box with the iron. My supervisor bought this model iron for the lab at work. It has been put through a torture test of people who do not know how to solder and yet it still performs just fine. Overall highly recommended. This is a great American made soldering iron. If you are on the fence about buying an iron or spending a little bit more money for a good iron, this is the one you want to get.”

By Kevman on March 20, 2011:

I pulled one of these out of the trash one day about, oh, 5 years ago. To say I am lucky is a gross understatement. I have built and repaired countless items with the exact same tip it had on it in the trash can, making thousands of perfect of solder joints on top of who-knows-how-many the original owner had on it. No signs of wear yet.

The pen is thin, light and comfortable with a small heated zone and short handle-tip distance. The cable is extremely flexible and never gets in the way. Heats in about 3 seconds and stays at temp. Heats huge joints quickly yet handles small ones with ease

I've owned my 951 for over a decade. I bought an assortment of tips for it when I bought and am still using all of those original tips, including the one when I accidentally left it on over the weekend! A quick wipe and retin and the tip was as good as new. I KNEW I was tossing that tip when I saw what I did...

It heats up fast, seems to maintain the proper temperature and has been a very good tool for me. I would by them them again.


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