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Feb 14, 2013

STATIC ERASER( Fan Type Ionizer) VESSEL F120-E

Vessel No.F120-E Fan-type Ionizer ( Japan)

  • Adjustable Louver for "Wide" or "Straight" Coverage
  • Quick Static Erasing!
  • Very Slim & Compact Design
  • Accurate Ion Balance of ±10V
  • Easy Maintenance
●Ionizing metAdjustable Front Panel
Press outer edge of the louver to disperse the airflow for a “wide” angle and simply press the center for a “straight” pattern.

AC-Type Corona Discharge Ionizing Method
With a very accurate ion balance of +/-10V, the ion balance is not disturbed by needle contamination.

Very Slim, Compact, and Lightweight Design
All components, including a reliable high-frequency piezoelectric transformer, are packaged in a lightweight and compact body. Saves valuable workbench space and makes it convenient for easy installation.

Adjustable Three-Speed Fan (Low, Medium, High)
Equipped with powerful 4” square DC fan that is capable of blowing ionized air to remote locations.
(See Performance tab for details)

Connect Two Units Using One-Power Supply
Built-in external grounding terminal allows to daisy chain two units together using one power supply. Also, warning signals can be send to external equipment.

Safe Design
  • Safe 24V design
  • Fan-Lock Alarm - RED LED indicates an error
  • High-Voltage & Fan-Lock Alarms:
    RED LED indicates an error
    GREEN LED indicates good working condition
Easy Maintenance
The front cover can be quickly removed and there are no tools required for removing the stainless steel electrode needle discharge unit.

“CE” Marking & RoHS Compliant
Compatible with RoHS environmental countermeasures and carries the CE marking.
hod::Piezo high-frequency AC Corona discharge method

Ion Generation Method  Piezo high-frequency AC Corona discharge
Applied Voltage  AC10kV (p-p)
Input Voltage  24VDC ±5%
Power Consumption  700mA (max)
Weight  0.14 lb
Airflow  129ft3/min
Noise Level  62.1 dBA (max and straight airflow) measured at 40"
Ozone Generation  0.05ppm or less (measured at 2" from device)
Working Environment
Temp. & Humidity
 41~104°F / 35~85% RH (no dewing or freezing)
Storage Environment
Temp. & Humidity
 32~140°F / 35~85% RH (no dewing or freezing)
Operating Range  6" to 36"
Decay Time  Within 1.3 seconds (max and straight airflow) measured at 12"
Ion Balance  Within ±10V (with standard nozzle, measured 12" from device)
Materials  Body: Flame-retardant ABS Resin
 Stand: Stainless Steel
 Front Cover:  Flame-retardant ABS Resin
 Needle Pole Electrode: Stainless Steel
F120-E Dimensions

"Straight" Angle


 "Wide" Angle


Voltage Decay


●Our original compact piezoelectric transformer realizes a slim & compact body.
●The powerful 120 mm square DC fan feeds ionized air to remote places. The fan’s airflow volume can be adjusted in three stages.

●The airflow direction and angle at the front cover can be changed to set the static erasing range to straight or wide angle.

●The front cover can be opened and closed with a single touch. Easy access to the internal components simplifies maintenance. The “needle electrode”, which must be cleaned or replaced, is unit-type module which can be replaced easily without tools

W H D Weight EDP No.

mm mm mm kg
162 198 69.5 0.9 621642

※Width, height, depth, including the stand

・Applied voltage:AC10kV(p-p)
・Power supply andcurrent consumption:DC24V±5% 700mA(max.)
・Airflow:3.66m3 /min(at max.airflow)
・Noise level:62.1dBA(at max.airflow,  airflow direction straight, measured at 1m)(measured values)
・Ozone production:0.05ppm or less(measured 150mm)
・Error warning:High voltage output stop(red LED), fan locked (red LED)
・Protection function:Fan motor rotation monitor function (locking detection), high voltage output shut down function (overload detection), front cover safety device (circuit shutoff when open)
・Operating environment temperature and humidity:5°C to 40°C / 35% to 65% RH(with no dew condensation or freezing)
・Operating range:150 mm to 900 mm
・Installation place:Non-hazardous place indoors
・Decay time: within 1.3 sec(at max.airflow, Air flows straight, measured at 300mm)(measured values)
・Ion balance:within ±10 V (at max.airflow, Air flows straight, measured at 300mm) (measured values)
     Body : Flame-resistant ABS resin
     Stand : Stainless steel
     Front Cover : Flame-resistant ABS resin
     Electrode needles: Stainless steel

・Accessories:AC adapter AD24-IT, Instruction Manual
●Static erasing area


Sample Applications
  • Before painting, plating, silk screening or printing process
    Helps prevent dust sticking to part surface, which may cause paint unevenness or ink sputtering due to static charge
  • Eliminates problems when stacking plastic cups on top of one another
    After being molded the cups may hold a static charge and be repulsive to each other, preventing them from properly being stacked one on top of another. Ionization will help this situation so the cups can stack properly
  • Prevents small molded parts from falling out of storage container
    When placing a lot of small plastic parts into a large storage container, the parts could "jump" out of the container due to static electricity. Static erasing over the container would be recommended
  • For Winding or rolling sheets of film
  • To prevent dust from sticking to molded plastic parts on a conveyor
  • Bag-making machines
  • Soldering applications
  • Film attachments
  • High-speed automated line manufacturing
  • Liquid crystal film cutting equipment
  • Electronic device component stock area

1. Original Vessel F-120E from Japan
2. Sample Application

Unique Louver Front Panel
to Adjust Static Removal Area




 3. Original Press release

JDV Products, Inc.
22-01 Raphael St.
Fair Lawn, NJ, 07410

NEW! Slim Fan-Type Ionizer

Conventional fan-type ionizers are used in many industries for several different types of applications.  For instance, electronic part manufacturing and assembly plants use fan-type ionizers for preventing electronic components from being damaged caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD).  In this situation, a fan-type ionizer is placed on the workbench for static removal over a wide range at a close distance.  Also, since “space” is limited on a workbench, using compact designed equipment is preferred.

Moreover, resin forming factories and printing plants use fan-type ionizers for preventing dust adherence on the surface of parts that is caused by static electricity.  An ionizer is installed into the system for static erasing from a remote location, which may require neutralizing the air in a straight pattern so that it reaches a further distance.

In either case, the area coverage that is needed for static erasing is different.

As a solution, JDV Products Inc. is proud to announce the release of VESSEL’s New “Butterfly Louver” Ultra-Slim Fan-Type Ionizer (Model# F120-E).

Unlike most conventional fan-type ionizers, the F120-E has a unique adjustable front panel that can disperse the airflow in a “wide” or a “straight” pattern for a close or remote distance.  This versatile design is suitable for a wide range of static removal applications such as for a bag making machine, a high-speed automated line for substrate manufacturing, for liquid crystal film cutting equipment, over a forming machine conveyor, for a soldering or film attachment, and in electronic device component stock area.

The F120-E has a very fast decay time within 1.3 seconds at a 12” distance (straight louver/ max airflow setting).  It’s equipped with an AC corona discharge method for an accurate ion balance within +/-10V, a reliable high-frequency piezoelectric transformer for minimizing ion loss, and is outfitted with an adjustable three-speed fan which is powerful and capable of blowing ionized air to remote locations.

In addition, it’s crafted with a super slim and compact body (7.8”H x 6.4”W x 2.7”D with stand) and is very lightweight (only 1.98 lbs) so it saves valuable workbench space and makes it convenient for easy installation.

On the front of the unit, there is a clear operator LED display panel.  A  “green” LED indicates good operating condition and a “red” LED represents a high-voltage or a fan lock-up warning.  Also, since there is a unique built-in terminal connector, the high voltage warning signals can be sent to external equipment and it enables up to two units to be daisy-chained together using one power source.

Easy access to the internal components simplifies maintenance. The front cover can be quickly removed and there is a safety device that shuts off the circuit and fan when the front cover is open.  There are no tools required for removing the stainless steel electrode needle discharge unit.  It’s installed into the front panel so its easily accessible for removing or cleaning it.

Feb 4, 2013


Anti-Static Conductive Grid Tape
25mm x  36m

Conductive grid tape is a 2 mil thick copolymer with a charge decay of <.014 seconds. Available on 3″ cores in widths of 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 2″ (118′ in length).
Acrylic based adhesive
Generates <50 br="" volts=""> Tensile strength 270N/mm sq.
Will not tribocharge @ 50% RH
Lead-free RoHS compliant
ESD Applications
Botron’s anti static grid tape can be used in a variety of forms. It’s most common usages are for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and covering pins, connectors and plugs on electronic equipment during storage or transportation.
Three layer copolymer
1.9 – 2 Mil thickness
Acrylic adhesive
<0-50 br="" volts=""> Copolymer layer <10 sup="">12

Adhesive <10 sup="">9
Grid layer <10 sup="">5 @50%RH 


NOTES:  pag naka-roll yung conductive grid tape, hind kita yung grid nya that is why we posted yung actual pic na naka-spread yung tape.

Pls see Older Post or Labels

Pls see Older Post or Labels