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Mar 19, 2011

HANSTAR 983A Automatic glue dispenser (Digital display)

HANSTAR 983A - digital Automatic Liquid Dispenser with time control.
To push the liquid pneumatically, controlled by time, to be sure the same dispensing drops and dispensing cycle
time, regulating the air pressure with suitable tip at your equipments of the different liquids as glues, solder pastes.
Applied for 10 types of steel tips and 5 types of plastic tips for various customers’ needs…
Power supply: AC 220V+/-10%/50Hz / Or AC 110V+/-10%/60Hz ( available upon request)
Power consumption: <8W
Function mode: Hand mode/ Autoloading mode
Air source: max.0.99MPa
Min.dispensing quantity: 0.01ml
Stress control range: 0.05MPa--0.99MPa
Size: 235mmx 225mmx 63mm
Time control range: 0.01S-1S; 0.1-10S; 0.2-20S ;0.3-30S
Weight: 2.2kg
-1 set includes the Main Dispensing Controller, Barrel Stand, Barrels, needles, foot switch, and adapter assembly
- Cross Reference = JND-983A Digital Automatic glue dispenser

BOTH Hanstar 982 & Hanstar 983A:
Adapt to the following liquid: instant glue, red glue, anaerobic glue, black glue, silica glue, SMT red glue, yellow glue, silver glue, Si glue, epoxy resin, screws fixative, Lubricating Oil, and flux.
Applicable to the following things: cell phone keys, seals, switches, connectors, computers, digital products, digital cameral, mp3, mp4, electron toys, horns, buzzer, electronic components.

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Pls see Older Post or Labels