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Feb 8, 2021

Vessel Industrial Bits ( Extra Superalloy) from Japan

We would like to introduce our newly developed Extra Super Alloy bit which is highly durable.

If you are facing frequent bit breakage, We strongly recommend you to try this bit.
This bit will reduce your monthly consumption and improve your workability.
Please check the attached leaflet for more details.

Please let me know the model no in case you want a quotation.


Feb 4, 2021

Vacuum Pickup Station AOYUE 932

Vacuum Pickup Station AOYUE 932  Lagunastar SKU= AOYUE-932
This is vacuum pickup station that picks up chip easily after desoldering.
Self Contained Vacuum Pump
Includes a large size 40g, medium size 18g and small size 3g suction heads.
 POWER INPUT: available in 110V / 220V
WEIGHT: 1.8 Kg 
MAIN STATION DIMENSION: 133 x 178 x 123 mm
PUMP TYPE: Diaphragm pump


Aoyue 8800 Self Contained Desoldering Gun with Internal Vacuum Pump and Carrying Case, 220V AC

Desoldering Gun -AOYUE 8800 (220V) AOYUE-8800 

Lagunastar SKU=  AOYUE-8800

This is a desoldering gun for thru hole boards and components. The tools has zero crossing circuitry to prevent electrical surges. Designed with a separate power block which houses the transformer and safety fuse. With properly grounded tip and handle for safety and static discharge.


  • Portable desoldering tool with high quality travel case for onsite servicing and repair.
  • Built in Vacuum Pump- Dual barrel pump with 80Kpa of high suction power.
  • Clear filter pipe allows easy monitoring of waste solder level.
  • High quality PTC heater, fast heat up and durable.
  • Adjustable and stable temperature with closed looped electronic controls.
  • Tip to handle distance of 56mm.
  • Comes with a variety of tip sizes.
  • Compact design which houses a dual barrel pump, PTC heater and electronic controls
  • Temperature range 150-380 ºC (302-716 ºF)


 POWER INPUT: available in 110V / 220V
MAIN STATION DIMENSION: 75 x 180 x 222 mm
Heating Element: Ceramic heater
PUMP TYPE: Vacuum pump





1. Package content

AOYUE 8800  Package Content
1 unit8800 Desoldering Gun with DT-1.8 tip (1.8mm)
1 pc.DT-1.2 Desoldering Tip (1.2mm)
1 pc.DT-1.5 Desoldering Tip (1.5mm)
1 pc.2668 Desoldering Gun Stand
1 packDesoldering Gun Stand Parts (Sponge Tray ,Sponge ,Securing Screw)
1 pc.301252 Spring Filter
1 pc.201242 Cleaning Pin
1 pc.20178 Cleaning Drill
1 pc.3024X Spring Filter Cap
6 pc.Filter Pad (yellow round filters)
1 pc.Temperature Sticker Guide in Fahrenheit
1 pc.Power Cord
1 pc.Instruction Manual



2. Instruction Manual

Jan 6, 2021


 Lagunastar SKU= BK-331-ESD

 A very durable kitchen timer coated with ESD coatings. 

The ESD timer is used on ESD Protected Area (EPA) and production area to check work rhythms or turnover


Used in the EPA area or Machine Production to check time of work or process of goods

Can be carried by person either on Belt or Pocket ..clip attached to Timer.

1pc Battery Needed ( not supplied), Packed into ESD Shield Bag.

SRM Values: 10 ^6-7 ohms



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Pls see Older Post or Labels