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Sep 26, 2011


Hanstar 946A
Plate size = 200 x200 mm
Digital read-out
Easy to use
Plate is made of Aluminum (thickness=2mm)
Temperature range is 50-350deg.C
Hanstar-946A Microcomputer Temp-controlled Heating Board is made from high quality integrative aluminum alloy, heat well-distributed, and won't deformation at high temperature. The heating board is controlled by CPU, accurately operate. It can automatically judge faults. CPU control temperature, very accurately * Easy to operate, auto judge fault
  • High thermal efficiency, heating rapidly. * Board made from aluminum alloy, heat well-distributed * Won't deformation at high temperature

about the Hanstar 946A hot plate- pre heater. this is very good quality & very fast heating. unlike the old models which takes few minutes to heat up, Hanstar 946A just need some few seconds to heat up.

but Hanstar 946A is a production tool , & not a scientific measuring tool. its LCD temperature display is just a guide & temperature controller.

also, because of the design of the heater, the center area of the plate will be of the highest temperature while the sides are a little cooler by about 5- 15 deg C. for example, the most center area's ( pinakagitna) actual temperature can be 260deg C, while the remaining side areas are about 245- 250 deg C only. if used in the production, depending in the application,  this 15 degC Difference is negligible,

but if the end-user will put small items only, & their application needs very uniform temperature across the hot plate, usually clients just avoid putting item in the most center area.

The end-user can also adjust its temperature display using the "calibration hole" near the temperature display.

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Pls hit the the Older Posts or Next Posts  to check the other models