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Sep 25, 2016

HANSTAR ZCUT-9 Automatic Tape Dispenser for Kapton Tape/Teflon tape/Paper tape

Automatic Tape Dispenser
The most popular type of Japanese automatic tape dispenser with ability to store up to 6 different lengths in the memory.

Model ZCUT-9 is a fully programmable tape dispenser equipped with a precise photoelectric cut-off blade controlled by two individual photocells. Tape dispenser ZCUT-9 does not require any tape's core support or shaft and enables to easily process two tapes simultaneously.
  • any size of tapes fit without bobbins
  • cut length from 5mm to 999mm
  • safety function and design, antistatic body
  • memory function enables to set six different length before use
  • enable to cut protection film, copper foil, aluminum foil, insulation material and many more
  • enable to hold the film or tape by using flexible tape support
  • preset and loop counter functions, all displayed by LED counter
  • enable to use 2 rolls at the same time
  • smart design, build-in tweezers, oil and separator
Cut length
5 - 999 mm
Tape width
6 - 60 mm
Usable tape
filament, strong, acetate cloth, glass cloth, double-sided, normex, pre-stick, cellophane, craft, masking, plastic and more
Usable film
protection, paper, insulation, aluminum, copper etc.
Feeding speed
200 mm/sec (when cutting packing tape)
Max outside diameter
300 mm
power cord, 2A fuse (built-in inlet), separator, guide plate, tweezers, blade oil
Body material
anti-static ABS
3 digit LED display
Power supply
AC240V 50/60Hz 25W
116 mm(W) x 140 mm(H) x 213 mm(D)

1. mas malakas ang cutting power nito as compared to the M-1000. if hirap ang M-1000 sa tape na kinacut. ito ang suggested model

2. ZCut-9 is fit for any tape:Vinyl tape, ene polyethylene tape, acetate acid base cloth tape, ordinary paper, aluminum foil tape, bilateral tape, polyester film tape, teflon tape, masking tape,glass cloth tape, cloth tape, etc.

Pls see Older Post or Labels

Pls see Older Post or Labels