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Dec 23, 2018

Surface Resistance Checker VESSEL SRC-01 from Japan

Surface Resistance meter Vessel SRC-01
top quality surface resistance meter from Japan


From the floor or mat to the working bench, provides an optimal EPA environment
* Surface resistance checker that facilitates the surface resistance measurement of floor, mat, desk and chair.
* Press and hold the measurement button switch, and the measurement value appears on the display. Automatic power off function is available.
* Voltage can be switched to measure a broad range of resistance values.
* Can measure temperature/humidity at the same time as the surface resistance value.
* Supplied with proves to measure "point-to-point resistance", "resistance to ground" and "volume resistance".
* Comes with a carrying case useful to carry all necessary items for measurement.

ModelBody Size(mm)Weight(g)Applied voltageEDP No.


190 x 101.5 x 54.7
10V ( R < 1.0 x 10 to the 6 ohm or ohm/sq), 100V ( R >= 1.0 x 10 to the 6 ohm or ohm/sq)
Power source : 9V DC (006 battery 1pce.)
Measurement standard : IEC61340-4-1,JIS-C2170
Measurement range : 10 cubed ohm to 10 to the 12th power (ohm/sq)
* Probe(outer diameter: about Φ66mm, about 2.3 kg) : 2
* Curled cord for a body grounding (banana plugs at both ends) : 1
* Curled cord for measurement for the point-to-point resistance and resistance to ground (banana plug/mono plug) : 2
* Crocodile clip: 1
* Large crocodile clip : 1
* Stainless plate(185mm x 100mm) : 1
* Carrying case: 1
* 9V battery (006P type: manganese dry battery) : 1

1. Surface Resistance Meter= also called as MegaOhm meter
2. Instruction Manual

Feb 17, 2018

Anti-Static Pen / ESD safe Ballpen

 Anti-static Ballpen 

Material:  ABS plastic
Resistance: 10E5 Ohms to 10E9 Ohms
Static Decay time: >2 seconds
Color: Black
Ink Color Available:  BLUE,  BLACK ,red

Product Specifications
Requirements (Rtt)
> 1 X 104 to < 1 X 1011 ohms ANSI/ESD S20.20
Typical values (Rtt)
109 ohms
Test standard


=Dial 16211 from any landline

Recently ,we had a Meralco connection problem, when our connection are loose & the wires are sparking above our roof. So i was forced to turn off the main switch

then begin the very stressful of looking what is the emergency hotlines,
i looked in the billing, i cannot find the emergency number

since our electricity if Off, our internet is also off, so i called some friends to google it for me,
some are helpful , & gave me all the landline & celfon numbers, but all cannot be connected.

our helpful neighbor also lend her mobile phone with internet so we can search, but nothing good comes in the search.

this is beginning to be very stressful since my children cannot sleep properly and we are the only house without electricity.

eventually, i went to the Meralco station at Santa Rosa, Laguna, so i can ask there what is the emergency numbers?

there, the helpful guard assist me in their landline & said the emergeny number is 16211.

there the 1st lady i called was also not in the mood as I AM! i am not in my proper mood & also very stressed at the happening. the 1st lady that answered my call is not very helpful. Pinagbagsakan ako ng telephone. hindi ko naman siya binabastos, sabi ko lang hindi important sa akin yang mga report numbers, at hindi ko alam account number namin since hindi ko dala ang billing,  all i want to know is when will Meralco can visit our house & fix the problem. i have given my name & address.  I hope she will get rich & transfer to a new job as see in not suitable in this kind of job where most of callers are stressed

then we called again, there the 2nd lady is helpful, and i made the report.

tips when calling is that you need to have your Meralco billing in your hand.& as some of the ladies will not entertain you really if you cannot give your Meralco account number, it seems your name & address is not enough for them.

How about for emergency? do you really need the Meralco billing in your hand so they will help you? that is bullshit.

lastly, i went back to our house & wait, after about 4 long hours, & the Meralco subcontractors arrived & fix our problem fast in maybe about 5-10 minutes only, Good job & many thanx,

now as i am doing this blog,  i see in the Meralco billing at the top center, with very little font

" For inquiries please contact our call center at 16211"

i slap my forehead & then i think, i still cannot call this number because we have no landline telephone anymore since i recently switched to SKYcable internet which is a lot faster than the very very very slow PLDT connection that we have since 2006

i hope Meralco can give decent emergency number that can be contacted using mobile phones

so i blog this piece because i know there are also many other people who will need to know the emergency number of meralco in the future. and it is : 16211

Pls see Older Post or Labels

Pls see Older Post or Labels