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Dec 23, 2018

Surface Resistance Checker VESSEL SRC-01 from Japan

Surface Resistance meter Vessel SRC-01
top quality surface resistance meter from Japan


From the floor or mat to the working bench, provides an optimal EPA environment
* Surface resistance checker that facilitates the surface resistance measurement of floor, mat, desk and chair.
* Press and hold the measurement button switch, and the measurement value appears on the display. Automatic power off function is available.
* Voltage can be switched to measure a broad range of resistance values.
* Can measure temperature/humidity at the same time as the surface resistance value.
* Supplied with proves to measure "point-to-point resistance", "resistance to ground" and "volume resistance".
* Comes with a carrying case useful to carry all necessary items for measurement.

ModelBody Size(mm)Weight(g)Applied voltageEDP No.


190 x 101.5 x 54.7
10V ( R < 1.0 x 10 to the 6 ohm or ohm/sq), 100V ( R >= 1.0 x 10 to the 6 ohm or ohm/sq)
Power source : 9V DC (006 battery 1pce.)
Measurement standard : IEC61340-4-1,JIS-C2170
Measurement range : 10 cubed ohm to 10 to the 12th power (ohm/sq)
* Probe(outer diameter: about Φ66mm, about 2.3 kg) : 2
* Curled cord for a body grounding (banana plugs at both ends) : 1
* Curled cord for measurement for the point-to-point resistance and resistance to ground (banana plug/mono plug) : 2
* Crocodile clip: 1
* Large crocodile clip : 1
* Stainless plate(185mm x 100mm) : 1
* Carrying case: 1
* 9V battery (006P type: manganese dry battery) : 1

1. Surface Resistance Meter= also called as MegaOhm meter

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Pls hit the the Older Posts or Next Posts  to check the other models