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Feb 29, 2012


Developmental background
Posed with the challenge “Can fastening precision be improved with the bit itself?”, VESSEL explored the [Shockless bit] to find an answer. We found a hint in torsion bits commonly used for architecture. Torsion bits have a torsion zone with thin bit shank which absorbs the impact during screw seating, and thus can greatly reduce chipping of the tool tip. By incorporating a combination of a very hard bit shank and zinc members, the shockless bit absorbs the impact and moment of inertia at seating. An outstanding cushioning and durability is attained while realizing a stable tightening torque. This tool is perfect for mass production lines which place priority on durability, and for tightening precision screws in hard disks and substrate assemblies which are susceptible to impact and vibration.
●Integrated zinc die cast formation absorbs impact during screw seating.
●An extra hard special alloy steel is used for the tool tip allowing the center deflection during high precision processing to be suppressed to within 0.2 mm.
●Sizes are indicated with laser marking.
●Shock absorbing effect by combination of a high-grade special alloy steel shank and a zinc part results in stable tightening torque. Furthermore, the tip durability is considerably improved, approximately twice longer.
●The zinc die-casting chunk reduces chipping waste during manufacturing. The zinc material can be recycled. The Shockless Bit is designed on a concept of environmental friendliness.
●The tool tip is finished with a high accuracy complying with various Standards.
Main usage
The greatly enhanced durability makes this tool perfect for mass production lines which use many screwdrivers, such as in personal computer, audio system, car navigation, optical device and game console production lines. Screw damage is considerably reduced by absorbing impact. Allowing this tools to be used to tighten decorative screws fro cameras, replacement lenses and cellular phones, etc. Use this tool on the tips of impact absorption drivers for hard disks, liquid crystal display and substrates, etc.



No.D71 Bits For Precision Screws

No.D71 Bits For Precision Screws (TORX)

No.D72 Bits For Precision Screws (HEX SOCKET)

No.D73 Bits For Precision Screws

No.D73 Bits For Precision Screws (TORX)

No.D76 Bits For Precision Screws

No.D76 Bits For Precision Screws (TORX)

No.D82 Bits For Precision Screws

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Pls see Older Post or Labels