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Nov 25, 2016



Product introduction
1Magnifier magnification: 5X and 8X optional
Magnifying lens materialWhite and Blue glass optional
Magnifying lens Effective diameter125mm
2Equipped with 36pcs white LED lamps, Color temperature 6500-7000K;
Brightness Illumination: at the distance of 1m at about 300 LUX. Light intensity can be adjusted;
Power input voltage= 220V,
Output voltage= 12V
Power= 2.5Wsafety voltage
Input power line = 1.2m, equipped with adjustable brightness power box
3The length of middle metal hose is 250mm which can adjust the magnifier angle.
4Magnifying lamp head size:148*166*mm
5 weight 2kg

Product application
1.Industrial use
widely used in electronics ,plastics and metal mining enterprises,Can place on the working table or production line , Small size, Open view, low Safety voltage, Light intensity can be adjusted according to individual needs, the Metal flat base with high quality ,durable and neat .To inspect electronic and metal components etc.
2. Personal use
Can be placed on metal working table at home as work lamp and view objects, Max Illumination brightness: 1m distance at about 300lux, Light brightness can be adjusted,
With Magnifying glass suitable for old people to read newspaper, view antiques, paintings, stamps etc,
Small in size, wide range of perspective, low Safety voltage, Power and energy saving.
Instructions for use
Assemble magnifying glass head, base and power together refer to the product structure diagram.
1. Take out of the head part of magnifier firstly , straighten the black hose and take down the nut which connect with base, then make the hose with threaded part through the hole of the base. Fix it tightly with the nut you taken down.
2. Connect the power box plug with the assembled magnifier power line together.
The power box with OFF-ON switch. Rotate to turn on and adjust its intensity.

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Pls hit the the Older Posts or Next Posts  to check the other models