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Jun 20, 2011

Desoldering Wick /braid CHEMTRONICS Chemwik (made in USA)

Chem-Wik® Rosin SD ( made in USA)

The fast, safe rosin flux desoldering braid packaged in static dissipative bobbins, ITS HALIDE FREE
■ Chem-Wik® Rosin packaged in static dissipative bobbins
■ Reduces the risk of damage associated with static electricity
■ Coated with noncorrosive ultra high purity Type R rosin flux
■ Quickly and thoroughly removes solder

Static Dissipative Packaging
■ DOD Standard 1686C and MIL-HDBK-263B
■ Mil-Std-2000A
■ Mil-B-81705C Static Decay Rate Provision

PermaPak™ Barrier Packaging contains 25 bobbins per package
1. ALL sizes are available now-
 Green (7-5L)- 1.9mmx 1.5m ( equivalent of size #3)
 Blue (10-5L) – 2.5mm x1.5m ( equivalent of size #4 )

Pls see Older Post or Labels

Pls see Older Post or Labels